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Partners for Transparency delivered a “Workshop on Combating Hate Speech”, on 29th May 2021, supported by Anna Lindh Foundation and attended by 20 participants from all across Egypt, where they learned about new proactive measures for combating hate speech, aborting hate crimes and refuting misconceptions and stereotypes.

 The main objectives of this workshop revolved around building coherent and inclusive communities to enhance young people’s participation into the democratic process by promoting common values of equality, non-discrimination and active citizenship.

 The workshop also tackled new strategies for countring hate speech including mediation and conflict transformation while focusing on detecting different levels of discrimination, hate crimes and prejudices.

 Thereby, youth will be equipped with the tools and techniques to raise awareness on hate speech while fostering intercultural dialogue as a tactic for delving deeper into the intrinsic roots of hostility and adversity, and forging a counter-narrative devoid of any hatred or degradation.

 From her part, Merna Shalash, the National coordinator of the Egyptian National Network of Anna Lindh Foundation, affirmed on the pivotal role civil society and young people should play, interchangeably, in order to build intercultural spaces for the Euro-Med youth to create a common strategy for combating hate speech and extremism across the whole region.

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