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Partners for Transparency (Egypt) has organized a training titled “Intercultural Dialogue to Combat Hate Speech”, in partnership with IEMed (Spain), Cie les Noueaux Disparus (Belgium), Our Common Future (Luxembourg), and Women’s NGOs Cooperation of Latvia (Latvia), supported by Anna Lindh Foundation and attended by 40 participants of young people from 5 countries: Spain, Egypt, Luxembourg, Belgium and Latvia. With support by Anna Lindh foundation

During this 4-day training, many topics have been approached around hate speech including the definitions and types of hate speech and extremism, and the tools and strategies required for addressing it. It has also shed light on the importance of dialogue and cultural exchange as a mediation tool for conflict resolutions, peaceful coexistence and renouncing violence as well as the United Nations Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech.

Finally, young participants have concluded this training with many recommendations highlighting the essential need of enacting formal and non-formal education, youth empowerment, and digital and media literacy; enhancing the role of censorship in spreading information and in fact-checking, reforming and rectifying the religious discourse and utilizing suitable narratives for the target groups in order to eliminate fanaticism, prejudice and hate speeches based on nationalism, religion, race, gender, etc.

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