Nageh Hosni Ali from Egypt

“Rain makes things grow” a true saying. Words like rain make feelings grow. If the words of compassion and love grew within us seeds of love and feelings of gratitude, but if our words were dry and offensive carrying the meanings of arrogance, ostracism and hatred, the seeds of hatred and hatred would grow inside us, all I want to say Your words create your world and make your life. They either create bridges for cooperation and interaction, or they create spaces barren of feelings of hatred and hatred,

From Egypt, the land of civilization, monotheism and peace, I send this message to the whole world

Let your words express the sincerity of your feelings Sing together hymns of peace, reject feelings of exclusion and hatred, accept diversity and remember that it is one world, one goal

A sparkling star awaits everyone who bears the torch of acceptance of diversity and acceptance of the other and was a source of inspiration and elevation.

Voice from Egypt



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