Extremism and hate speech are one of the challenges facing the Mediterranean countries, and we find that intercultural dialogue is an important tool to address extremism and hate speech, so Partners for Transparency as the Head of Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation decided to work on This project with our partners from others Heads of network from Anna lindh foundation (Spain / Lativa / Belgium/ Luxembourg) with support by Anna lindh foundation  , because it is necessary to have initiatives between the Mediterranean countries to address hate and extremist speeches, especially as this topic is consistent with the aims of the Anna Lindh Foundation


  • Combating hate speech and extremism
  • Calling for tolerance in the Mediterranean basin
  • Emphasizing the use the intercultural dialogue as a tool to address hate speeches
  • Enhancing cooperation and solidarity between all citizens
  • Creating more inclusive societies


Creating tolerant society

Emphasizing the importance of the Anna lindh Foundation and Networks in confronting hate speech

Enabling youth in the region to confront extremism and hate speech

Confronting discrimination of all kinds that results from hate speech

Supporting and promoting cultural dialogue in addressing hate speech

Discussing the discrimination or hate speech that individuals are exposed to when traveling to other countries in the region

Correcting some misconceptions among some of the youth in Mediterranean countries towards each other

Leader of this project